Hope everyone is super fucking pumped for the MPG Raffle taking place on Wednesday the 23rd @9pm gmt+1 

Here are how you can earn your last tickets between now and the raffle: 

- Enter the Riddle Competition on the website (1 ticket entry, 3 ticket win) http://www.massivepear.com/competition

- Enter the Youtube Competition (see details below) (1 ticket entry, 5 ticket win)

- Attend Monday Meeting @9pm gmt+1 on the 21st (1 ticket for attendance & THERE WILL BE A ROLL CALL MID WAY!) 

This is our 5th Seasonal Raffle and the prizes are not to be turned down! 

1st prize - 25 Steam Credit
2nd prize - 20 Steam Credit
3rd prize - 15 Steam Credit 

Tickets for anyone who comes in to the TS channel for the event! 


Only one entry to date for the Youtube competition so far (Ashley Jobson) - to post your entry post your link in the Forums » News & Announcements » Clip Competition (23rd May '17 - 22nd Aug '17) - "It was at that moment, he/she knew they fucked up"